Carolina is lovely, patient, never judging and smart but also very practical. She is searching for your light, identifies what is limiting you and functions as a mirror so that you too can see it.

Carolina guides your positioning within your truth and follows up by formulating questions with regard to matters that are limiting you to reach your highest potential.

She does a fabulous job by consequently asking you to first breathe. After breathing she requests you to position yourself within the space you are in to embody the best version of yourself. She empowers your understanding of yourself and enables therefore your transformation. The impact is sustainable, in your professional and private sphere.

You will see the transformation, experience the balance and lovingly embrace your acceptance of self love as results of her sessions.

Balance, Light, love, empowerment, transformation and growth!

~ Paula Kibbelaar

Testimonial for Carolina Paz

~Jennifer Grace


I highly recommend everyone try these workshops. When else in our busy lives do we get this chance to unwind, and connect with something much deeper within us.

With the tender and compassionate guidance of Carolina one is able to not just feel relaxed but put things into perspective. To understand more clearly what it is you are striving for and how to consider the things that need to be let go.

I came out of the workshop feeling radiant, connected and confident. The space created was wholesome and non judgmental. It was a safe opportunity to ask myself many questions.

Always grateful for the love Carolina brings to the table. She is soft and genuine. Thank you for teaching us to feel more empowered. 

~ Reyana Bharwani Alwani

Testimonial for Carolina Paz

~ Petra Madisa