Your journey begins here

It is no coincidence that you are here. Life is guiding you to step into the fullness of your being.

I am really glad you are done with living your life from a place of struggle, tiredness, pain, stress or disconnection. Because that is where you need to be for transformation to take place. There must be a deep desire to step up your game and unblock what is holding you back. One thing I can tell you: it is worth it! Every single step of this journey is. You are ready!

With a multidisciplinary background in Ontological (Business) Coaching, Reiki and Energy Unblocking, I offer you tools, practices and support to create the life you were designed to live. I will guide you so that you are empowered to move past the blocks, pain and struggles, and anchor yourself in joy, peace, confidence and a sense of awareness.

1:1 Coaching

You sense that you have come to a place where you want to live life differently. You have a deep
desire to live happier, have better and deeper relationships and be more productive.

1:1 coaching helps you identify your blocks and move past it. It supports you in dissolving your limiting believes. It also helps you create self-awareness. It gives you tools to transition, neutralize and transmute emotions, like fear, anger, sadness into joy and peace. Already as of your first session, you will be able to see life differently.

We all are different and have different needs. I therefore combine Ontological Coaching, Reiki and Energy Unblocking to offer you a tailor made coaching session.

This is for you if you feel:

And you desire to:

Live by Design Academy


Through the year I organize several workshop. The topics are chosen depending on the season we live in and what I identify as a necessity. The workshops take place online or in person (Aruba), taking all social rules for social distancing into consideration.



I believe in transformation.
I believe that when we empower ourselves to become better persons, our reality changes.
I believe that better persons help co-creating better families, communities and nations.

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Corporate Speaking & Leadership

Coming Soon!