Professional Bio

Carolina Paz

My Journey

My journey in life has guided me to serve others in different capacities. In 2017 I was inspired to do postgraduate degree in Ontological Business Coaching with the University of San Sebastian (Chile) in collaboration with New Field Consulting, the leading company worldwide in this coaching field. Guided by Dr. Rafael Echeverría, I learned how to examine thoughts, emotions and especially verbal communication and posture. I was given the tools to transform emotions and renew the mind. It changed my life. And it was needed. 



I was born in Colombia, raised in a tight knit Spanish speaking family of 5. At a young age our family moved to the island of Aruba, in the Caribbean. After great challenges I adapted to the new culture and learned the languages Dutch, Papiamento and English. In my late teenage years, desiring to succeed in life, I chose to move out of my comfort zone to Europe.


My Passion

My passion to serve people inspired me to study law in The Netherlands, where I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Law from the University of Maastricht. Life pulled me back to Aruba, though, where I started my career as a lawyer. I loved my job (I still do). In the eyes of society ‘I had made it’.

However, deep inside I knew there were many unresolved matters within me. Fear. Self-doubt. Discomfort. Obsessive perfectionism. Just to name a few. I knew something was missing as soon as I began occupying my every waking moment with anything that could keep me from being alone. Working overtime, doing community service, exercising intensely on a daily basis, attending all network events and even never skipping happy hours. Trying to keep up this façade left me exhausted and stuck. I turned inward to understand what I was fleeing from. When I started my journey I enrolled in countless trainings in the field of spirituality, energy work and yoga. Then, after my certification as an Ontological Coach and at some point by the hand of God, things fell in their place and I stepped into the fullness of my authentic identity, where doubt was transmuted into confidence, anxiety into peace and sadness into joy.


So here I am today. Living joyfully in Aruba. With more than a decade of experience as an attorney, I now also offer coaching and leadership training services to professional women and companies. I do 1:1 coaching and through Live by Design Academy I also offer workshops, trainings, retreats and my signature programs.

I’m devoted to assisting you in traveling lighter to claim the meaningful and fulfilling life you are destined to lead. If you’re ready to get unstuck and learn techniques to take you from a place of self-doubt and discomfort to a place of confidence, peace and empowerment, I will be glad to join you on your journey!